First Year Marriage Tips

Our wedding day is one of the most exciting events of our life. Almost every woman at least has a dream wedding in mind. From the motif to the table setting down to the wedding car. We love the idea of weddings but we tend to forget that marriage is not a one-time event. It is being as one with our spouse. Forever. Wedding vows are not there because it is part of the program and you need to say it in front of your guests. You are not only making a covenant to your husband but most importantly to God.

Forever is such a strong word. According to the dictionary, forever means continually; for all future time; for always.

In order for us to have a good marriage, we need to build a good foundation, deeply rooted with love, and willingness to commit.

Here are some basic tips on how we can have a solid foundation:

  1. Make God the center of your marriage.
  2. Dream together. Make plans together. Communicate how you will build your family, and how you will handle your finances. Set standards but with realistic expectations.
  3. Be patient with one another. Learn to adjust. Learn to forgive. Be mindful of words to use. Sometimes we think our intentions are good but if we use wrong choice of words we can end up hurting our spouse.
  4. Always remember that you are two different people. You may not always see eye to eye but you have to respect each other’s views. Accepts each other’s differences.
  5. Always give time to one another. Make time. Look for a babysitter to take care of your kids. Have a weekly date, even if it’s just to eat or hang out.
  6. Prioritize each other’s needs. Learn to compromise. Don’t compare.

Always remember: It takes two to tango. The first few years of marriage is very crucial, you need to be on the same page as your spouse.

May these tips help you grow in your marriage.